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September 2018: Timey Wimey Stuff

posted : 19/09/18

Sometimes it is ‘The Doctor’ who needs to regenerate and sometimes it is the TARDIS.

Here at PCO UK, I am currently into my third year as the Lead Editor and whilst it is not yet time to hang up my multicoloured scarf, it IS time to look at giving this increasingly huge portal an update.

Yes, we are trying to move forward with the times – even if we cannot move ahead of them (or backwards through them). And this is not just about fonts, palette colour and cosmetic change. We are having a big rethink about what content our users want AND how we can be contemporary, reactive, proactive, spontaneous, but without sacrificing our rigour – not an especially easy thing to figure.

This is no easy trek to star-t; but as we boldly go, we hope you will cling-on for the journey and let us know what you like and dislike.

Speaking of new faces and face-lifts and trying new initiatives – this slot, this ‘bloggy thing’, is something new. We thought we would try it to highlight topical topics on a monthly basis – things in the news; things which are relevant to clinical practice and fall in the remit of PCO UK. Let me know what you think of it; it will not always have Dr. Who references – so, if sci-fi is not your thing, DON'T PANIC! However, it will always be punny and hopefully occasionally a little bit funny. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of new faces, there is an old face – and a now not so familiar face – that keeps rearing its head: I mean measles. I last saw a case – a definite “this is definitely measles” case – a long time ago (when I wasn’t a community paediatrician, though this may go for many other types of professionals too). But as we have all heard, thanks to dwindling MMR uptake rates in some regions, herd immunity is now falling fast, and this fell foe of old is now rising up, rearing its ugly head once more anew.

There is an editorial on this in The British Journal of General Practice, entitled ‘Measles: is it still a threat?’, as well as many articles in the popular press, such as The Guardian – ‘Resurgence of deadly measles blamed on low MMR vaccination rates’.

In the recently published guidance entitled ‘Measles: resources for local government’, Public Health England have produced a resource to help local authorities respond to outbreaks of measles in their areas, and support greater uptake of the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine. I would also recommend the Green Book chapter which is available on PCO UK, as well as our Key practice point on RASH (infants and older children / neonatal).

Speaking of rashes, we are very, very keen, super-keen, to have a clinical images library so we can show stuff like skin lesions and if you would like to help then please do get in touch today, tomorrow, or (for those with two hearts) yesterday.

Okay, that is it … we are OUTTATIME. It is bye from me; see you in a month, but before I dematerialise, there is a small recognito-‘prize’ for the first person who correctly spots all the sci-fi references “up there”.

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