14: Abuse in special circumstances

Please note that this chapter is pending an update. For information on when this is due, please contact the PCO UK Team.

14.1.1 There are many different circumstances that children face but this chapter focuses on groups of children who may be particularly at risk of abuse and require safeguarding. The chapter will outline the background and existing guidance and identify key issues and responsibilities of paediatricians. All children in the cohorts identified are subject to the same child protection procedures as the general population but the aim of this chapter is to raise awareness of particular forms of maltreatment.
14.1.2 The chapter has been themed, with a particular focus on children living away from home, issues affecting children from minority groups and a focus on young people. There are strong overlaps between many of the issues in this chapter; one prominent example being the relationship between running away from home and child sexual exploitation. Each section provides background and definition, recognition and key issues for paediatricians.
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