12: Emotional Abuse

Please note that this chapter is pending an update. For information on when this is due, please contact the PCO UK Team.

12.1.1 Psychological maltreatment which encompasses both emotional abuse and emotional neglect are probably the hardest forms of maltreatment for a paediatrician to recognise and difficult to evidence. However emotional abuse and neglect are as damaging as any other form of maltreatment.
12.1.2 Emotional abuse and emotional neglect refers to a relationship rather than to an event. Both are defined as persistent, non-physical, harmful interactions with the child by the care-giver, which include both commission and omission 405.
12.1.3 Emotional abuse is persistent harmful parent or carer interactions.
12.1.4 Emotional neglect is persistent emotional unavailability and unresponsiveness from the parent or carer towards the child in particular towards an infant 406.
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