10: Child Sexual Abuse

Please note that this chapter is pending an update. For information on when this is due, please contact the PCO UK Team.

10.1.1 This chapter provides a guide to the recognition of child sexual abuse (CSA) in clinical practice and on-going management for all paediatricians. It is acknowledged that most paediatricians will not have the expertise to assess or manage the child/young person themselves but will refer to a clinician with more specialised child protection skills with specific training and competences in the forensic assessment as outlined in the joint guidance by the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine (FFLM) and RCPCH 348. Any paediatrician undertaking assessment of children/young people referred for CSA must be familiar with the joint guidance and The Physical Signs of Child Sexual Abuse: an evidence-based review and guidance for best practice 349. The latter includes good practice in relation to the paediatric forensic examination and an evidence-based review of interpretation of physical signs. It is regularly reviewed and updates are posted on the RCPCH website 350..
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