9: Recognition of Physical Abuse

Please note that section 9.8 (Abusive abdominal and visceral injuries) of this chapter is currently being updated. For information on when this is due, please contact the PCO UK Team.

9.1.1 This chapter provides a guide to the features of childhood injury that should raise suspicion of physical abuse and the assessment and investigations that should be performed to determine the likelihood of physical abuse.
9.1.2 The Child Protection Evidence Systematic Review website, which is regularly updated, provides a summary of the scientific evidence to complement this chapter 215.
9.1.3 The following chapter uses the terminology of unintentional injury when referring to accidental injury in reference to current accepted international terminology.
9.2.1 Children under the age of two years are at an increased risk of serious physical abuse and are rarely able to contribute to the history themselves. A thorough investigation strategy is recommended to exclude occult injury.
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