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PCO UK Key Practice Points Updates - trainee volunteers needed

posted : 13/04/18

As PCO UK enters its third year of operation in 2018 the editorial team are beginning a programme of work to review and update the Key Practice Points (KPP).

Are you interested in assisting the editorial team to update the Key Practice Points?

We are keen to hear from any trainees interested in assisting us in this work. This will involve reviewing KPP content to determine what updates are required - on the basis of appropriate national guidance - and then completing the update (this applies to trainee's working in the relevant specialty).Take a look at our Fever KPP as a example of what will be updated. 

All work could be completed remotely, and reviewers will receive detailed instructions and guidance from the PCO UK team and Lead Editor. Upon completion of the work, each individual reviewer will be acknowledged, and receive a letter confirming their contribution to the update work. 

If you are interested in contributing please contact for more information no later than Monday 30 April 2018.



International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day - 26 January

posted : 26/01/18

Today we are celebrating International Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day and will be supporting Societi Foundation in stepping up efforts to grow awareness and encourage urgent action when treating this serious disease. 

Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in UK children - and research shows U.K. outcomes remain amongst the poorest in the western world - with about a third of treated children still having heart damage. This is often due to slow detection rates and delayed treatment. The U.K. Foundation for Kawasaki Disease is launching a campaign for every doctor and every parent to know the symptoms of this increasingly common disease. 

Throughout the awareness day, we will be joining in with the social media campaign - #Kawasaki_Disease and #ForOurChildren. To find out more information visit Societi, the UK Foundation for Kawasaki Disease.



Risks of Valproate Medicines in Female Patients

posted : 26/01/18

Babies born to mothers who take valproate medicines (Epilim and Depakote) during pregnancy have a 30–40% risk of developmental disability and a 10% risk of birth defects. Despite communications to prescribers in January 2015 and February 2016 on the magnitude of this risk and the actions to take, there is evidence that women are still not being informed of the risk. Patient Safety Alerts were issued in 2017 asking all organisations to systematically identify women and girls taking valproate. A European review is considering whether further regulatory action is necessary and is due to complete in Spring 2018.

The Paediatric Care Online UK website features warnings where valproate is recommended as a medication, within the following Key Practice Points:

This warning will prompt clinicians to speak to the patient about the risks associate with the medicine during a pregnancy.



New Resource added for Healthcare Professionals - Meningitis Research Foundation eTool

posted : 08/01/18

We are pleased to announce that the Meningitis Research Foundation eTool has been endorsed by the RCPCH and added as a Resource on PCO UK.

This eTool was developed by the Meningitis Research Foundation in collaboration with the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, the study investigators at St George's and an expert at St Mary's. It is designed to help clinicians improve their assessment and management of young infants who present with possible bacterial meningitis.

For more information on this eTool, please visit our Resources for Healthcare Professionals page.



New guidelines added to our Guideline Directory (Dec 2017)

posted : 14/12/17

Don't miss out on the latest guideline updates from NICE and RCOG! Searchable by paediatric conditions, specialty areas and keywords, the Guideline Directory contains quick links to national clinical guidelines.

Guidelines added recently include 

Our Guideline Directory now contains over 170 paediatric guideline. View the full list.

If you have a guideline that you would like to be included, please contact us. Please note that all guidelines need to be developed in accordance with the Setting Standards for Development of Clinical Guidelines in Paediatrics and Child Health (PDF).



New Resource added for Healthcare Professionals and Families - Societi

posted : 29/11/17

We are pleased to announce that Societi, The UK Foundation for Kawasaki Disease, has been added as a Resource on PCO UK.

Established in 2015 Societi are a policy shaping and influencing organisation which work to raise awareness of Kawasaki Disease - the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children - and provide information for clinicians and families.

For more information on Societi, please visit our Resources for Healthcare Professionals and Resources for Families pages.



Key Practice Point on Fever endorsed by NICE

posted : 02/08/17

As the Key Practice Points on Paediatric Care Online (PCO UK) continue to develop, it has been announced that our Fever (Pyrexia) KPP has now been endorsed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

The endorsement recognises that the KPP supports implementation of the recommendations in the NICE Fever in under 5s clinical guideline (CG160).

The PCO UK team plan to continue this endorsement process, demonstrating the high-quality of information available in the wide range of KPPs.

For more information on how we develop our Key Practice Points, please visit our About page.


Ten new Key Practice Points published

posted : 24/05/17

We are pleased to announce that based on user feedback, our expert editorial team have developed 10 new Key Practice Point (KPP) Topics that have launched at the end of May.

We worked with over 35 clinicians (including Paediatricians, GPs, Health Visitors, Nurses and paediatric trainees) as well as 12 paediatric specialty groups to produce the new set of KPP topics in line with our robust editorial process

The new KPPs help to address the ongoing need for concise, easy-to-use decision support tools to assist healthcare professionals with diagnosis and treatment management at the point of care.


Download our new mobile app today!

posted : 23/05/17

To respond to user demand, the PCO UK app has been created to provide all users with quick and easy access to this powerful resource whether online or offline, from your tablet or mobile phone.

The app makes it even easier to access the decision support information you need, when you need it, and includes access to Key Practice Points, the Green Book and the Child Protection Companion.

The app has been optimised for use on both Apple and Android devices, and is available to download from the iTunes and Google Play stores.

For more information on how to download the app, visit our information page


PCO UK is now on Twitter!

posted : 21/05/17

Follow us on @pco_uk and come and say hello!

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